School Supply List

Supply List

Kindergarten Supply List


Paper Towels

Clorox Wipes

Ziploc Bags (any size)

*Your teacher will provide more information regarding other classroom supplies.

1st Grade Supply List

1 backpack (no wheels)

1 pencil supply box

1- 12 count #2 pencils (preferably pre-sharpened)

2 large pink erasers

2 crayola crayon boxes (24 count)

6 small glue sticks

1 watercolor paint tray

1 tub Lysol/Clorox

1 box tissues

2 containers playdough

Wish List

Expo markers

Class snacks (goldfish,animal crackers, etc)

Ziploc bags

Large bag of M&Ms or Skittles

Soccer ball, kickball, football, etc

Treasure box items

2nd Grade Supply List

2 boxes of crayons

pencil box

colored pencils

8 small glue sticks

24 pencil top erasers

24 Ticonderoga or USA Gold pencils

pointed tip scissors

4 small expo dry erase markers

1 composition notebook