Sarah Skemp, Counselor


What is a School Counselor?

A school counselor is a certified educator who helps ALL students succeed. A school counselor designs and delivers a school counseling program that supports students and improves student outcomes.


What does Ms. Skemp do?

  • Serves ALL students and helps them be their best
  • Conducts classroom lessons aligned to the needs of our students and school culture
  • Consults with parents, teachers, and administrators
  • Connects families with school and community resources
  • Talks with students who have a problem they'd like help solving or have something on their mind they'd like to talk about
  • Visits with students who could use care and support from an extra adult
  • Facilitates small groups built around shared needs like changing families, grief, anger management, etc
  • Counsels (short term-with parent/guardian consent) students individually
  • Teaches social skills and coping skills 

 How do I visit/talk with Ms. Skemp? 

    Parents and students can

  • Let the teacher know you want to see Ms. Skemp
  • Visit her before/after school
  • See her in Room 46 (Kindergarten Building)
  • Call her at 928-348-7245 or email her at to schedule an appointment